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If you want to feel like a king or queen for a night, one of the rooms at the Millennium Hotel will definitely accommodate. Every room from the basic double queen to the penthouse suite is decked out with cozy linens, room darkening curtains, high definition TVs, and more. Enjoy lightning fast room service that is almost as speedy as our wireless internet. From start to finish, you will feel right at home here.

Guest Reviews

Jackie Cooper
The initial reason why I came to St. Louis is to look at houses to buy. I was getting married to my current wife, and I had to move up here because my work was more flexible than hers. During the house hunt, I stayed at Millennium Hotel because it wasn't terribly far from my then-fiancé's apartment. I was really surprised by how clean the place was, and the room I got was super spacious. My wife and I liked it so much that we decided to stay there for our honeymoon, which happened just a few weeks ago. Both experiences I have had with Millennium Hotel in St. Louis have been great, and I would gladly stay here again if I needed to. If you need a place to stay while you're in town, I would highly recommend this.

Gerald Fort
I have been to several hotels in St. Louis, and I must say that Millennium is my favorite by far. Not only is the staff there knowledgeable and accommodating, but the beds are as comfortable as they look. I always judge a hotel by its beds because I think a great hotel can be ruined by a bad night of sleep. I have always slept like a baby while staying in the Millennium. If I had to complain about anything at all, it would be the fact that it is sometimes hard to get a room here because the hotel is so sought after. I usually just book online early so I'm guaranteed a good room at a good rate. Once I'm there, I have the opportunity to stay as long as I want. Can't complain about that!

Robin Holland
I have been to Millennium Hotel St. Louis three times now, and every time I stayed in a different kind of room. The first time, I stayed in one of the double queens with a work buddy of mine, the second time I was in a king size room by myself, and the third time I was in a suite with my wife and two kids. During all three stays, I had great experiences all the way around. My sons love the pool, and my wife really likes the proximity of the hotel to the shopping centers in St. Louis. I like the comfy beds and big rooms, as well as the high def TVs in every room. I stayed here during the Super Bowl for my second trip, and I got to see the whole game in perfect clarity. Would I come back again? You bet! I may try yet another room when I get there!

Ferrah Sanders
I always stay at Millennium Hotel when I'm in St. Louis because I like the view I can get from every room. It's within walking distance to some of the major attractions I love to visit, and the rooms are usually pretty affordable. I would recommend this place to anyone!

Julio Ganger
My family and I have not been in the United States for very long. We came here from Spain for work opportunities, and St. Louis was the first city we visited. My wife does not speak English well, but the staff at Millennium was still very accommodating. They made sure that we felt comfortable here, and they really gave us something to look forward to in the U.S. We've been here for several months since then, and our stay at this hotel has certainly been one of the highlights of the trip. We would love to visit again some day.

Marcia Bethels
My husband and I love going to Millennium Hotel in St. Louis. We've been there several times now, and we are always impressed by how clean our rooms are. On top of that, we really like the room service menu and the extensive channels we get, no matter what kind of room we stay in. I can't think of anything we don't like about the place honestly, down to the parking and the continental breakfast. I would just tell people that the only way to know how great this is to experience it yourself. Of all the hotels we've been to, Millennium is probably my favorite. It's worth the money every time.

Ken Girth
I know the guys at work are going to make fun of me for writing one of these silly reviews, but I don't care. We all had to stay at Millennium Hotel for a convention last week, and I wanted to give all of the staff members a virtual pat on the back. We're oilfield workers, so we have a tendency to be a little…difficult…for lack of a better word. We make crude jokes, and many of us are louder than we probably should be. Millennium was able to handle a tough crowd like us without issues, so you know it can work well for families or other organizations. I'm glad we stayed there, and we will hopefully have a chance to do so again next year. On behalf of all my crew, I want to say thanks Millennium. You made us all feel right at home.